UFC Fight Night 109 Picks – DraftKings

UFC Fight Night 109 Picks

What’s up UFC fight fans! Burchy here with my Underdog, Value & Lock UFC Fight Night 109 Picks for DraftKings.

UFC Fight Night 109 takes place in Stockholm Sweden this weekend.

Before we get into my UFC Fight Night 109 Picks lets take a quick review of my picks from UFC 211…

For my underdog picks, only Maia came through but barely as he eked out a decision win. Reyes was outmatched and could not handle the reach of James Vick. Dos Santos lost to Miocic but I told you guys to pick separate lineups taking a 50/50 shot on them both.

Frankie Edgar destroyed Rodriguez racking up a ton of points in his 2nd round Doctor Stoppage KO win. Skelly lost in the 3rd to Knight and I’m not surprised as I was close to telling you guys to pick that fight as a 50/50. Skelly was doing well the whole fight but just got caught early in the 3rd. The Coulter Sherman fight went exactly as I thought it would. Two guys throwing thunder the whole fight. Sherman ended up with the KO win in the 2nd. Miocic won by KO in the 1st against Dos Santos which was a 50/50 pick.

Both my locks came through and did not disappoint in the points department with JJ racking up 140+ points and Antigulov getting the early submission in the first.

With that said, lets move on to this week UFC Fight Night 109 Picks for DraftKings.

UFC Fight Night 109 Picks – DraftKings

Underdog Picks 

***Top UFC Fight Night 109 Underdog Pick *** 

Oliver Enkamp $6,800 – Taleb is a very tough opponent but all it took was one look at Enkamp’s highlight video on youtube to see that this has potential upset written all over it. Taleb will be able to overpower Enkamp in grappling but Enkamp’s agility, scramble ability and submissions could easily catch Taleb sleeping. On the feet, Taleb doesn’t move often and Enkamp loves throwing spinning head and body kicks to opponents who doesn’t have good foot movement. Enkamp may very well lose but he has more than enough tools in the toolbox to find the upset.


Glover Teixeira $7,000  – In a fight that statistically looks like a 50/50 five rounder where the underdog is an underdog with such a low salary of 7,000 you got to throw him in a lineup or too just in case. Teixeira has a very good chance to win. Gustafsson loves to fight at range while Glover likes to close the distance and land power shots while still being technical. If Glover can put enough pressure and close the distance he could very well pull off the upset. Plus Gustafsson has the pressure of fighting in front of his home country which can either make or break a fighter. Last time home he lost to the now retired Anthony Johnson.

Trevor Smith $7,300 – Another close fight but one of the fighters has a weakness. That would be Camozzi’s takedown defense which is not that good. Smith might not rack up a lot of points in this fight but for such a cheap salary he has a good shot of winning by decision.

Value Picks


Jack Hermansson $8,300 – Hermansson wins this fight because he has better movement and takes less punches while Alex Nicholson will take a hit to give one. Hermansson should land more and get the win.

Ben Saunders $8,400 – Journeyman vs journeyman in this one. Saunders aka Killa B is a good striker with good takedown defense going up against a decent striker who gets the majority of his wins by submission but only averages two takedowns a fight. Saunders will do more output than Sobotta and keep the fight standing the majority of the fight. Killa B might even land a KO or Submission of his own.


Darren Till 9,000 – A great Muay Thai striker going against a fighter in Ayari who has got half of his wins by submission but is also decent on his feet and has power in his hands. Till moves very well and when he smells a finish he goes for it. Till can be the aggressor or counter when needed as he has quick hands. Till keeps his opponent guessing with powerful kicks once he gets them worried about his hands. A very tactical and smart fighter. He should get a KO in this one. 

Abdul Razak Alhassan $9,100 – 7 Wins, 7 First Round KO’s. Alhassan’s overhand right is a heat seeking missel. Just ask Charlie Ward. An elite athlete to boot. 20 years of Judo. Veteran at age 31. Need I say more? He has a game opponent but his opponent is no where near Alhassan in terms of talent. I predict a KO in the 1st.

That wraps up my UFC Fight Night 109 Picks for DraftKings.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

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Also let me know what you think of my UFC Fight Night 109 picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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