UFC Fight Night 108 Picks – DraftKings

UFC Fight Night 108 DraftKings

What’s up fight fans! I’m back this week with my UFC Fight Night 108 Picks for DraftKings after being too busy last week for the Fox card to put together my picks.

This week the UFC is headed to Nashville with the main card being on FS1. The Prelims will be on FS2 & the Early Prelims like always will be on Fight Pass!

Speaking of Fight Pass, It is essential to picking intelligently. I highly advise paying the 9.99 a month so you can watch past fights of every fighter on the card which makes finding upsets much easier and weeding out who you think will finish or rack up a lot of points.

This card has a lot of no brainer Lock Picks on the main card with a few toss up fights mixed in. Thus the prelims will be essential on this card for finding underdog picks.

So lets jump in, here are my:

UFC Fight Night 108 Picks – DraftKings

Underdog Picks

Joe Lauzon $7,400 – This is the type of fight that Joe Lauzon seemingly squeaks out a tough fought split decision win. Stevie Ray is definitely a better athlete than Lauzon but Stevie Ray likes to stay at range and is a bit too complacent which will keep Lauzon in this fight. I think Lauzon summons his fight of the night war cry and gets a low point decision win. Though I will not be picking him. Out of all of the underdogs that I think have a good shot to win, I think Lauzon will score the least amount of DraftKing points.

Marcos Rogerio De Lima $7,500 – There’s a chance he knocks out Saint Preux and than there’s a greater chance Saint Preux takes De Lima down and takes his neck for a submission win. Take a risk?

***Top Underdog Pick ***

Brandon Moreno $7,600 –  Moreno is undefeated so far in the UFC dispatching two formidable foes in Smolka and Benoit. Everyone is still underestimating how good Moreno actually is but I suspect he will prove it with a submission win over the tough Ortiz.

Jake Ellenberger $7,800 – To me this is a toss up fight against Mike Perry. However with Ellenberger’s string of losses and years of accumulated battle, I feel the slight edge goes to Perry who is the younger fighter. Both men can knock each other out. While Ellenberger is more technical, Perry brings more pressure. Ellenberger will have to land a few counter punches to get a KO or settle for a hard fought decision win. Something Jouban did against Perry rather easily. Ellenberger does not possess the footwork and the ability to stay out of range like Jouban has which could allow Perry to land the big shot. However, with Ellenberger being a crafty vet he could very easily land a KO or grind out a win.

Value Picks

Thales Leites $8,100  By submission. Sam Alvey is a good fighter but really hasn’t faced anyone with top level talent. Leites is just that and although he has lost 3 of the last 4 fights they have all been to top 10 opponents. Leites lands a shot to get Alvey dazed then gets a take down or winds up on top in which he works a submission from there.


Al Iaquinta $9,200 – Normally I would never pick a fighter coming off a 2 year lay off but in Iaquinta’s case this match up is just too good to pass up. Iaquinta is a very good technical striker who throws a lot of volume. He has previous wins by KO. Pair that with going up against a wild man in Sanchez who knows only one thing which is to come forward taking punches to land punches and I see this fight ending in the 3rd round after Iaquinta lights Sanchez up and his chin finally gives way.

John Dodson $9,400 – Even though Dodson is small for the bantam weight division doesn’t mean he isn’t a killer. Dodson is coming off a close decision lose to Lineker in his last fight. I thought Dodson out pointed Lineker and deserved the win. Lineker is the scariest KO artist in the division apart from the current champ Garbrandt. So Dodson had to be extra cautious last flight as to not get knocked out which is rare for Dodson because he possesses so much power and speed himself that he is usually the one hunting for the KO. Luckily his next opponent Eddie Wineland is not known for his KO power which will allow Dodson to go to work. Expect a back and forth exciting fight where Dodson catches Wineland with a power punch in the 1st or 2nd to land a KO victory and a 100+ points.

Cub Swanson $9,800 – The biggest lock of the card believe or not is the main event of the night.  Swanson should be able to finish this fight with a submission. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands a KO with being the better technical striker. All swanson has to do is avoid Lobov’s awkward angled power punch and he will easily win this fight. Even if he doesn’t finish he should rack up a ton of points on his way to a decision win. Though Swanson is the biggest favorite, doesn’t make him the best lock pick on the card. His super high salary should stray you away from picking him as there are other lock fighters with salaries much more reasonable that should net you roughly the same points. If you find yourself picking a bunch of underdogs and value picks and you have 9,800 left for your final fighter. By all means, pick Swanson. He is a sure thing.

That wraps up the UFC Fight Night 108 Picks for DraftKings.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

If you’re new to DraftKings or looking to improve your DraftKings MMA Strategy be sure to check out my UFC Fantasy – Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide

Also let me know what you think of my UFC Fight Night 108 picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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