UFC Fight Night 107 Picks – DraftKings

UFC Fight Night 107 Picks - DraftKings

Another weekend, another installation of picks. Thanks for coming to check out my UFC Fight Night 107 Picks.

The UFC is back again after an amazing card in Brazil this past weekend on FS1. The UFC heads to London England for UFC FIGHT NIGHT 107 this Saturday. Unfortunately the fights for UFC Fight Night 107 can only be watched on UFC Fight Pass.

This card is not as stacked as last week in my opinion. Thus there are not as many popular fighters on the card which has caused me more work in the analytical department. Scouring for video footage for some fighters can be extremely difficult.

So after some intense digging, here are my:

UFC Fight Night 107 Picks – DraftKings

Underdog Picks

Alan Jouban $7,000 – Jouban faces Nelson who is a sequence fighter. Jouban pulls out the upset by avoiding the takedown of Nelson and eventually lands a 2nd round KO as Nelson succumbs to his volume of punches. Jouban also has the skillset if he is taken down to avoid Nelson from advancing as he trains at 10th Planet Ji Jitsu. He should be able to have a good defensive ground game and create a scramble to get back to his feet.

***Top Underdog Pick ***

Teemu Packalen $7,300 – Packalen should be able to avoid the speed and strength of Diakiese in the striking department. Packalen will force Diakiese to use his wrestling in which Packalen will create a scramble and out grapple Diakiese to find a submission giving Diakiese his first loss. Look for a 2nd or 3rd round submission.

Value Picks

Jimmy Manuwa $8,400 OR Corey Anderson $7,900 – Basically this fight is a 50/50 in my book. If Jimmy Manuwa wins, it will be a KO in the 1st or 2nd scoring big points. If Anderson wins it will most likely be a late 4th or 5th round ground and pound KO once Manuwa is in deep waters and loses his explosiveness or a decision if Manuwa can last. So basically if you can, pick two lineups with the same 5 fighters then alternate these two studs and you won’t go wrong.

That’s the only picks I see giving good value. The only other fighter would be Stewart at $8,800 but I feel his price is too high. If he can’t get the KO then he will score a low decision win or lose a close decision.


Tom Breese $9,000 – This one is easy, Breese just has to avoid a KO punch and overwhelm his outclassed opponent. Breese will get this fight to the ground and finish by gound and pound or a submission by the end of the1st or somewhere in the 2nd.

Brett Johns $9,300 – Entwistle doesn’t stand much of chance in this fight. His only hope is to land a leg lock. Johns avoids the submission and beats his opponent with ground and pound for a 1st round KO and high DraftKings points.


That wraps up the UFC Fight Night 107 Picks for DraftKings.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

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Also let me know what you think of my UFC Fight Night 107 picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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