UFC Fantasy – Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide

The Ultimate Draft Kings MMA Picks Strategy Guide
Welcome to my Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide!
DraftKings MMA is the new wave or the new kid on the block if you will in daily fantasy Sports.
Just like the sport itself, UFC Fantasy Sports with DraftKings MMA is still very new to the Daily Fantasy Sports world.
It is really starting to take off and is becoming very popular.
Right now is the perfect time to read this Ultimate DraftKings Strategy Guide to become an expert on how to play and potentially win money consistently.
The first half of this guide is meant for true beginners. I will breakdown why you should play, the rules for playing, the event types and how to build your lineup.
The second half of this guide is where I will get into DraftKings MMA Strategy to help you dominate the world of UFC Fantasy sports!
If you are already familiar with the basics on how to play DraftKings MMA, feel free to use the Table of Contents below to jump ahead to the DraftKings MMA Strategy section of this guide.

Why Play DraftKings MMA?

For all you Daily Fantasy Sports vets out there who play one or all of the 4 major sports(NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), there’s one glaring reason why if your not already a fight fan, you should learn the sport and start playing.
No Off Season!
MMA is a rare sport that is year round and often has 2 to 3 and sometimes more fight cards a month to play.
That means being able to play daily fantasy sports more often.
Especially if you don’t play daily fantasy for all of the 4 major sports.
5 More Reasons to Play:
  1. Because DraftKings MMA is still fairly new, the players don’t usually have the same level of expertise as say NFL daily fantasy players. Luckily for you, you can use this guide to figure out the best DraftKings MMA Strategy and become a UFC fantasy expert!
  2. Less players/fighters to analyze!. When playing daily fantasy sports for any of the 4 major sports you have to analyze hundreds of potential players and numerous match ups of teams that are playing that night or week. In DraftKings MMA, you only have to analyze the fighters and head to head match ups that are on the fight card. Fight cards normally have anywhere from 10-15 fights and 20-30 fighters to do your homework on. Which is much easier than following 30+ teams every night or week and hundreds of players. And Yes! Being successful and winning with your DraftKings MMA Strategy will take doing your homework on the fighters and the match ups.
  3. If you’re already a huge MMA fan who knows most if not all the fighters on the card, you are going to have a huge advantage over casual players who are playing and picking their lineup without any expertise. Casual players tend to just pick the big name Fighters like McGregor, Rousey, Jon Jones and the such then fill out their lineup with huge underdogs who probably have a very slim chance of winning their fight.
  4. In MMA, your lineup is less likely to to get derailed by a random injury. If your fighter sustains an injury, it’s likely due to the fact that he got beat up in the octagon. On the rare occasion, a fighter will be winning the fight and injuries himself due to breaking a hand from striking or pulling a muscle while grappling for example. While it does happen, it’s a rare occurrence and fighters are so tough that they usually are able to fight through injuries they receive before the fight in training or during the fight.
  5. Playing DraftKings MMA makes watching the fights 10x more entertaining and fun when you have a fighter to root for. This is especially true for undercard fights. Usually most fans would never care about these fights but when you have a fighter in your lineup that is on the undercard, all of a sudden you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying the ebbs and flow of what might otherwise be a boring fight. Theres nothing like having a few drinks at the bar or sitting at home and getting super excited when your fighter KO’s his opponent in the 1st round! 


 Now that you realize how fun and awesome playing will be, lets take a look at how to play. Below is the DraftKings MMA rules summary straight from their website.
DraftKings MMA Strategy
Other information to note that is not mentioned in the graphic above:
  • DraftKings MMA contests are 1 day events based on an individual fight card.
  • You will not be able to edit your 6 fighter lineup roughly 5 minutes before the first fight.
  • Fighters accumulate points by Moves made during the fight and also by receiving a Fight Conclusion Bonus if they win based on which round the fight ended or if the fight went to a decision.
DraftKings provides an amazing breakdown of the rules here:

Contest Lobby

Ok, now you have an idea on how to play. Now it’s time to find you a contest to enter so you can start having some fun.
Here’s an example of what the contest lobby screen for MMA will look like:
DraftKings MMA Lobby Screen
To reach this screen you will need to click Lobby on the top navigation menu next to the DraftKings logo and then click MMA in the navigation menu that is just below the top one.
Ok, now that your at the lobby screen. Let’s break down what your looking at.
The screen will have two parts. The main contest promotions that are at the top of the page in which you can click on the banners to learn more about these special events and then the meat and potatoes of the screen which is the lobby itself.
Let’s start with the left sidebar of the lobby search screen going from top to bottom:
  • Search Contests Box – Allows you to search for a specific contest by typing in it’s name. This is great if you have friends that play and are trying to enter the same contest. Otherwise you will barely ever use it.
  • Entry Fee – Allows you to set which contests will show up in the contest box to the right based on how much you are willing to play with. You can set the filter anywhere from free to $1,000 dollars entry fee.
  • Contest Types – You can click ALL, Featured, Beginner, Tournaments/Leagues, Head to Head, 50/50s & Double Ups, Multipliers, Satellites & Qualifiers. Depending on which buttons you click will filter for those contest type only allowing you to easily find the type of contest you wish to enter. Let me breakdown the contest types for you:
    • Featured – This are contests that DraftKings personally promotes and often have guaranteed prize pools no matter weather the contest fills up with entires or not. Draftings usually has a few of every contest type that are featured.
    • Beginner – These are the contests that you should be joining if you are reading this part of the guide because that means you are a complete newb! These contests allow you to compete against other players who have not yet acquired an experience badge. Meaning you will be playing against other members who have yet to play up to 500 contests. This does’t mean these contests will be easy, it will however limit the amount of experts and experienced players that will be in the contest giving you higher odds of winning.
    • Tournaments – These contests have the highest grand prize potential however only a small portion of the entrants will win. These types of contests are for those who want a chance to win some big money. Be aware you will be playing against a large amount of other members and to win you will likely need to have picked one of the top 5 potential lineups when everything is said and done to place in the prize pool. I usually like to play a few tournaments just for the “Hey, you never know!” factor. If you nail the fight card and pick a near perfect lineup, you can be looking at a very nice dollar amount in the thousands. Or hundreds if you are in a low entry fee tourney with not many contestants.
    • Leagues – Similar to tournaments but have far fewer entries and usually lower prize pools. However, just like with tourneys, leagues usually are set up to allow on a small percentage of the entries to place in the winnings.
    • Head to Head – Just as the name implies, it’s and one other person mono e mono! Let the best man win. If you win, you will win just slightly less then double your entry fee. This is due to the small fee that DraftKings makes off of each entry. Now you know why these companies have gown so fast so quickly.
    • 50/50’s – Similar to Head to Head except your playing against many members. Half the field will win and receive a prize that is just under double the entry fee.
    • Double Ups – These are similar to 50/50’s contests. The difference is that in double up’s slightly less than half the field will win but if you do win you win exactly double your entry fee.
    • Multipliers – These are similar to double ups but instead they are triple ups and boosters. Triple ups work just like double ups where slightly less then 1/3 of the entrants will win and receive triple their entry fee. Boosters work just like double ups and triple ups and will say what the multiplier is in the contest name. For example: MMA 10x Booster (Top 3 Win $50), entry fee is $5 with a total prize pool of $150.
    • Satellites – are contests you can enter to win tickets to other bigger and better contests. Some satellites have steps. Meaning you enter in step 1 to win a ticket to step 2 and so on. These allow people to enter contests with low entry fees and try to work there way up to a contest that has a nice prize pool which are usually special event contests.
    • Qualifiers – are ver similar to Satellites except that are the contest right before the main special event contest. Many satellites give you ticket access to a qualifier. Some qualifiers prize pools are tickets to the special event contest while others offer tickets and money rewards.
  • Advanced Filter – Once clicked you will gain access to additional filters that will be described below.
  • Field Size – Allows you to set which contests will show up in the contest box to the right based on how big the field size is. You can set the filter anywhere from 3 entries to 1,000+ entries.
  • Guaranteed – Allows you to see only contests that have a guaranteed prize pool. These contests are often also the featured contests.
  • Free with Ticket – Allows you to show only the contests that you can enter   if you have a free ticket to get into said contest.
  • Entered Contests – Will show you only the contests that you have already entered.
  • (Key Icon) Key – Will bring up a cheat sheet for what the icons mean as shown below
DraftKings MMA Lobby Icon Key
Lets move on the the middle part of the screen on the lobby page.
At the top below the promotions you will see 4 quick links with icons next to them. I will describe these below.
  • Create a contest – Clicking this link will allow you to create you own contest. This is great for making contests to play against your friends or if you run a website or blog and have a huge following and want to create a contest for everyone to play in together. I will not be covering this feature in this guide.
  • Create a Lineup – This will take you to the create a lineup page. This is great if you have no idea what contest you want to join and you just want to get right into the fun of picking your lineup. You can save your lineup and then enter contests with said lineup later on.
  • Strategy & Research – This will take you to DraftKings Strategy and Research hub which has great information on upcoming fights. Definitely use this information to your advantage especially when you are analyzing fighters and breaking down fights.
  • Refer a Friend – Takes you tot he refer a friend page with is basically where you go to get an affiliate link this one (Link) which allows friends and readers of your website or blog to head over to draft kings and sign up. When they do you will earn some money! 

This would be a great time to ask that if you are enjoying my guide and finding it useful, I would highly appreciate it if you signed up through my affiliate link.

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Ok back to the guide...

Right below the 4 links just explained, you will see a row of buttons that have the start times to the next upcoming events. Be sure to click the event button that you wish to see the contests for.

And lastly, right below the event times you will see all the contests available dependent on which filter buttons you have chosen. 

You can sort the contests by: 
  • Contest Name
  • Entry Fee
  • Total Prizes
  • Entries
  • Live
Simply use this scroll box to find the exact type of contest you want and then hit enter. This will take you to the next screen I would breakdown in this guide… the  lineup screen.

Building your lineup

The graphic above shows a DraftKings MMA lineup page for a tournament style contest if you are accessing DraftKings through a typical desktop browser. The tablet and smart phone DraftKings apps will look different. It’s best you get used to DraftKings through a browser before using the mobile apps.
Let’s breakdown this screen so you can understand what’s going on.
The top part of the window shows the contest name and the details such as entries vs total entries allowed, entry fee, total prize pool, how many FFP reward points you will receive for playing and in the top right you can see the date and time when the contest goes live (Start of the fight card) and a timer counting down to the start of the event.
Btw, FFP rewards points can be used to enter events for free.
If you click Full Contest Details right underneath the contest logo it will bring up a box as you can see in the image below which gives you even more information.
DraftKings MMA Full Contest Details Image
This box allows you to see all the previously discussed information along with new information such as:
  • Contest Summary
  • Entrants - Allows you to see other entrants usernames, whether they have multiple entries shown with an orange “M” icon, and weather entrants have an Experience Badge which indicates how many contests they have entered on DraftKings. Experience Badges are explained here: https://www.draftkings.com/experience-badges
  • Prize Payouts - Breaks down how much you will win depending on which place in the contest you finish.
Ok, back to the main lineup page.
DraftKings MMA Lineup Screen Top Half
Below the contest details you will see any breaking news like in the example photo shown above where it states:
"Breaking Update! Derek Brunson will not be playing in the Mousasi@Santos game. Check your lineup!"
This is obviously where you find any up to date info if any fighter happens to pull out of a fight card and is replaced by a new fighter. NOTE: If this happens to a fighter you picked, you will need manually replace and edit your lineup. Also expect the new fighter to have a new salary.
Below the contest details and news alerts if there are any is where you will find a scrolling widget that shows each fight on the card.
Right below that to the left you will find the fighter box as shown in the image below that will list all the fighters along with how much their salary is and the order in which their fight will take place on that night. The fighters with 1 against their name are the main event. The fighters with the highest number are the fighters who start off the fight card ether on the prelims(TV) or fight pass (UFC Subscription Service).
For each fighter you can the following information:
  • FT# - The order on the fight card in which their fight will be taking place as described above.
  • Fighter - Name of the fighter.
  • OPP - The name of this fighters opponent.
  • FPPG - Stands for Fantasy Points Per Game which means how many points this fighter has scored on average in every fight card he has ever been on since DraftKings MMA has started. Fights that the fighter had before DraftsKings MMA started will not count toward this average.
  • Salary - How much this fighter will cost if you decide to pick him as a part of your lineup.
  • A “+” button that allows you to add the fighter to your lineup. Once you hit the “+” button you will see the fighter move over into the lineup box to the right.
Notice there is a player search box directly above the fighter box that will easily allow you to find the fighter you are looking for by typing in that fighters name.
If you look to the top right of the fighter box you will see a "scoring” button. If you hit this button the fighter box will change into a text box that will allow you to quickly recap how fighter scoring is broken down as seen in the image below:
The summary tends to use some abbreviations that you might not understand. Don’t worry, right below the fighter/scoring box there is a link called Glossary of Terms that you can click which will bring up the following box as shown in the image below:
DraftKings Lineup Screen Glossary Of Terms
Lastly, is the lineup box.
The box has the same information as the fighter box however it only has 5 spots available which is for the five fighters that you pick.
Once you add fighters from the fighter box they will show in the box like so:
If you want to remove a fighter from you lineup you can do so by hitting the “X” button in his row.
At the top right of the lineup box you will two pieces of information that will dynamically update as you move fighters in and out of your lineup:
  • Avg. Rem. / Player: - which will show you the average remaining salary amount per player spots left open. In the example above I chose Anderson Silva which only cost me $7,900 salary which now leaves an average of $8,420 remaining per fighter for my 5 remaining fighter slots.
  • Rem. Salary: - shows the amount of salary you have left after you add or remove fighters form your lineup. In the example above I have $42,100 salary of my starting $50,000 because I chose Anderson Silva for $7,900.
Right below the lineup box you will see 4 buttons that will allow you to do the following:
  • Clear - allows you to clear your lineup box moving all fighters elected back over to the available fighters box.
  • Import - allows you to import a saved lineup for this fight card event that you might already saved or submitted in another contest.
  • Reserve >> - Allows you to reserve, save your lineup and enter into the contest without having to have a completed lineup. This allows you to be entered into the contest which saves you a spot and allows you to finish filling out your lineup at a later time. NOTE: Remember to fill out your lineup before the fight card event starts.
  • Enter - Allows you to enter the contest with a completed lineup. Don’t worry, you can always edit your lineup after you enter. The button will also show how much the enter will cost which will be taken from your account balance.
That sums up the contest lineup screen.
There are other features on DraftKings like the My Lineups and My Contests page that I will not be going over in this guide. However, if you needed the beginner portion of this guide to learn how DraftKings works, you should now be easily able to figure out the My Lineups and My Contests page.
With that said, it’s time to move on to part two of this guide and the most important part, strategy!
I am going to breakdown and show you how to develop the best, successful, ultimate, incredible, sick nasty, you get the point DraftKings MMA Strategy so you can dominate the UFC Fantasy universe and hopefully start raking in loads of cash.
However, as a disclaimer, I make no guarantees or claim that by following my tips that you will earn money. Your ability to succeed with DraftKings MMA is highly dependent on your ability to break down a fight card, the fighters themselves and the matches of each fight. Also, luck will play a factor! Upsets happen and actually, finding which fighters are going to come out with an upset win is a huge part of becoming an expert and applying a solid DraftKings MMA Strategy.
So with that said and without further delay… lets get into it!

DraftKings MMA Strategy

So you might be thinking “This is easy, I just have to pick 6 winners and I’ll win.” Close but no cigar.
With the way the scoring and finish bonuses are setup in DraftKings MMA you need to do better than just pick 6 winners.
Granted picking 6 winners will give you a high chance of placing within the money in a tournament or placing in the top half of a double up or 50/50. However, winning a tournament takes much more.
It’s relatively easy to pick 6 fighters on a fight card that will win. What makes it difficult on DraftKings MMA is the fact that salaries and scoring/finish bonuses make it much more complicated.
With that said here’s the big secret to winning a DraftKings MMA tourney.
Ideally you’re looking to pick 6 fighters that all will win in the 1st round by KO or Submission.
This will give your fighters the most potential points (Unless your Carlos Condit in a 5 round title fight and still score like 130 points even when you lose… more on this later). The reason being is that for a 1st round KO or Submission your fighter earns you a 90 points.
Even more ideally, you’re hoping your fighter lands as many strikes, takedowns, advances, reversals/sweeps and knockdowns in the 1st round and lands the KO or Submission late in the round. 
If you take a quick look at fighter point averages you will find very few if any fighters who have an average that is over 90.
This is because, if fights last longer than the first round, it’s unusual for a fighter to accumulate enough points from strikes, take downs and the other way's to score points along with a lesser finish/decision bonus that would give them 90+ points.
This leads us to our first DraftKings Strategy Tip...

Tournament Goal - Pick The 6 Fighters On The Fight Card That Will Finish The Fight The Quickest

 *This tip is mainly for Tournament/League/Multipliers/Satellites/Qualifiers Style Contests.
To ever win a DraftIngs MMA Tournament and the big money that comes with it, you will need to accomplish this feat. It’s literally the only way 99% of the time! (Again because of Carlos Condit which I’ll explain later on)
When creating your lineup for these style of contests, you need to have this in your mind going in.
To accomplish this goal, this requires that you analyze the whole card! You need to breakdown every fight and find the best mismatches who have aggressive fighters that go for the finish.
Not only that, due to the salary structure of DraftKings MMA, at least two of your fighters are going to have to be underdog picks most likely. 
Even if you find a mismatch but the better fighter is someone who notoriously goes to a decision, I would avoid picking him unless the rest of the fight card has a high chance of decision fights as well and you think there might not be 6+ fights that will have finishes. At that point, it might be a smart pick.
Thus it’s not as easy as picking the top 6 mismatches.
The rest of my strategy tips will help you figure out how to accomplish this feat.
But my next tip is the secret to doing well in 50/50 and double up events… which just so happens to be the exact opposite strategy for tourney’s.

50/50 Goal - Pick The 6 Fighters That Have The Best Chance Of Winning Period

*This tip is only for 50/50 & Double Up Style Contests.
In 50/50 & Double Up style contests, it does not matter if you place 1st with the most points. It only matters that you beat half the field (50/50) or little more than half the field (Double Up) as all the winners win the same amount of money.
Because of this, the smartest strategy to deploy is picking a lineup that gives you the highest probability to have all 6 fighters end the night as winners. Whether by decision or a finish. The most important thing is to pick 6 winners.
This is what makes 50/50 and Double Up games so much easier to win. It’s just not the fact that you only need to beat half the field but picking a winning strategy is much easier. They go hand and hand.
You simply need to find the 6 best fighters that will give you a the highest chance to win in all 6 fights. In doing so you will win the majority of the time. There is still the slight chance that you will lose if all 6 of your fighters win by decision in boring fights where they don't accumulate a decent amount of stats. Usually this only happens if the rest of the cards fights end in knockouts and the people in the contest overall did very well in picking fights. Don't be alarmed however as this is not the norm.
With how the salary is setup in DraftKings MMA chances are you will still need to pick a few underdogs or pick a lot of middle tiered salary fighters that are in tough close matchups . On the flip side, you don’t necessarily need to pick the highest salaried fighters to win, so you can pick underdogs that have a higher salary close to 8,000.
This gives you the option to pick 6 medium tiered salary fighters all in the salary range of 7,900 to slightly favored fighters as high as 9,000 on some occasions which is usually a death strategy in tournaments due to the nature of close matchups to go to decision .
This however is not always the best strategy for 50/50 or Double Ups for the same reason.
Middle Tiered Fighters tend to be in tough close fights with evenly matched opponents so you will have to do thorough research for this strategy to work. On some cards this strategy will obviously not be the best route to go.
This is because whoever decides on DraftKings Fighter Salaries can often times give a favored fighter in the eyes of the MMA community a very low salary.
More on this in a tip below.
When this occurs however, it is often best to switch to the 4 favorites & 2 underdogs (Underdogs in terms of salary but these fighters are actually favorites to win the fight).
When 2 lower salary fighters have a high chance of winning it allows you to put 4 favorites that have a high chance of an early finish. Even if 1 of your lower salary fighters loses, the bonus points that you will get from any of the 4 fighters who get early stoppages will usually offset your 1 fighters loss/low points and still allow you to finish in the top half and win a 50/50 contest.

Managing Your Lineup Salary

With a $50,000 salary cap to pick 6 fighters where salaries have been known to range anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 you’re not going to be able to pick 6 elite fighters who are favored to win their fights.
Given the $50,000 salary cap you have an average salary of $8,333 per fighter you’re going to end up with 4 main strategies to use:
  • Pick 4 Favorites & 2 Underdogs
    • Example: $9,300 - $8,800 - $8,700 - $8,600 - $7,400 - $7,200
  • Pick 3 Heavy Favorites & 3 Underdogs
    • Example: $9,600 - $9,500 - $9,300 - $7,300 - $7,200 - $6,900 
  • Pick 2 Heavy Favorites & 2 Middle Tiered fighter & 2 Underdogs
    • Example: $9,500 - $9,300 - $8,300 - $8,100 - $7,500 - $7,300
  • Pick 1 Heavy favorite & 1 Small Favorite & 4 Middle Tiered fighters
    • Example: $9,000 - $8,600 - $8,400 - $8,100 - $8,000 - $7,900
  • Pick 6 Middle Tiered fighters
    • Example: $9,000 - $8,600 - $8,400 - $8,100 - $8,000 - $7,900
You will generally find yourself building lineups that closely resemble the 5 main strategies above. 
In hindsight these strategies don't really matter as they will all win tournaments from time to time. Your main focus should be figuring out how to use your salary to put together the best 6 man lineup that has the highest chance of accumulating the most points for tournament and the best lineup with the highest chance that all your fighters win for 50/50 and double ups.
I laid out these strategies to allow you conceptualize the different ways you will generally look to create a good lineup.
In tournaments your best chance to win comes from picking favorites and finding low salary underdogs that has a decent chance of getting a finish. Picking 6 middle tiered salaried fighters or picking 1 heavy & 1 small favorites with 4 middle tiered fighters is usually the worst strategy as these fights tend to be matchups that are evenly matched and have a high chance of going to a decision. However this doesn't mean that these strategies won't win tournaments every now and then because they do. It's just that they seem to be the least likely to win.
In 50/50 and double up contests, picking the 6 middle tiered fighters strategy or the 1 heavy & 1 small favorites with 4 middle tiered fighters strategy is much more viable however it still takes a good knowledge of MMA and doing research on the fighters to be able to pick the winners from such close matchups.
You can also use player salaries to determine whether DraftKings thinks a fighter is a favorite, underdog or thinks the fight will be close.
$8,600+ usually means the fighter is a favorite. At around $9,000+ the fighter starts to become a huge favorite.
$7,600 or less usually means a fighter is the underdog. $7,200 or less, the fighter starts to become a huge underdog.
If a fighters salary falls anywhere between $7,700 - $8,500 and you can usually assume that the fight will be close.
However, I have seen some outrageous salaries for fighters in which fighters were huge underdogs when I thought the fight was going to be much closer and I turned out to be right.
A fighters average stats per fight can sometimes cause what seems to be a close fight on paper turn out to be a fight that DraftKings will put the salaries of the two fighters with one as the clear favorite and the other as the underdog.
Example: Dustin Poirier $9,300 - 84.5 FPPG vs Jim Miller $6,900 - 64.8 FPPG
Everyone would agree that Dustin Poirier has more skill and explosion and more avenues to a win. However Jim Miller is a savvy Vet who has no weaknesses in his game and can take the best fighters to a decision in a 3 round fight and even pull out a win with a finish. I would not have expected this fight to have a salary gap of $2,400!
This also leads me to my next tip...

Look for fighters who have huge hype behind them with glaring weaknesses

Fighting is all about match ups and in DraftKings your usually going to have to pick two underdogs in tournament style contests.
Thus finding fighters who have huge hype behind them but also have weaknesses who just so happen to be fighting against someone who is an expert in the area of fighting that will exploit said fighter's weakness, will often give you a good chance of landing a win on your underdog pick.
These fights will have the favorite with an inflated salary and the underdog with a salary that just doesn’t seem correct for the fighters skill set.
I’ll give you 5 prime examples of fights where this has occurred. Two of these examples happened to be on the same card. (Note: These salaries are from when DraftKings MMA first came out and you picked only 5 fighters instead of 6. Thus the higher salaries.)
  • UFC 196 - McGregor $11,000 vs Diaz $8,600 -> Result: Diaz 2nd Round Submission
  • UFC 196 - Holm $10,800 vs Tate $8,600 -> Result: Tate Round 5 Submission
  • UFC Fight Night Johnson vs Bader - Sage Northcutt $11,000 - Barberena $8,400 -> Result: Barberena Round 2 Submission
  • UFC Fight Night Namajunas vs VanZant - VanZant $10,200 - Namajunas $9,200 - > Result: Namajunas Round 5 Submission
  • UFC 193 - Rousey $11,400 - $8,000 - > Result: Holm Round 2 Knockout
As you can see, all of these fighters had a huge hype train behind them and all had weaknesses. They all were going up against fighters who could exploit their weaknesses.
Everyone knew McGregor could be taken down and did not have the best ji jitsu game. Diaz was the bigger longer fighter who could stand with McGregor and had a huge advantage once the fight went to the ground and easily submitted McGregor.
Holm had a huge hype train behind her after knocking out Rousey. Holm’s weakness is also the ground game. Unlike against Rousey who rushed Holm, Tate stayed patient and waited for her opportunity to get Holm down and submit her.
Sage Northcutt had huge hype behind him as a skilled striker but lacked experience and is not an expert yet in the ground game. Also if you had insider info, you would of known Northcutt had strep throat which severely hindered his performance. Thus he couldn’t fight off the submission.
VanZant only had a 10,200 salary, however Namajunas for some reason had a 9,200 salary. This was probably due to the hype behind VanZant even though fight experts knew Namajunas was the more skilled and experienced fighter. Thus Namajunas submitted VanZant by round 5. Not bad for a 9,200 salary.
Lastly, the biggest hyper train of all time. Rousey had never been beaten before but everyone knew she was only an expert at judo and arm bars. She went up against a decorated Kick Boxer in Holm. Rousey’s weakness had always been her stand up yet she was always facing women who were not considered expert strikers. Once she fought Holm’s we saw how Holm exploited her weakness to a T and shocked the world.
Take two things away from this...
  1. Always look for fighters with hype behind them who have glaring weaknesses going up against fighters who are an expert in the same area.
  2. DraftKings will often give inflated salaries to strikers because they often score more points per fight. Not only that, fans love striking a lot more than the ground game. Thus strikers are more popular and apparently DraftKings seems to account for this when creating salaries. A majority of your upset underdog wins will come from ground fighters submitting or ground and pound KO’s on strikers who have a ground game weakness.

Pick high output aggressive fighters

The majority of your points excluding finishing/decision bonuses will come from strikes, knockdowns & takedowns. With the rare occasion a fighter accumulates a lot of advancing and reversal points.
Thus aggressive fighters are more valuable than a conservative fighter. Unless that conservative fighter is a knockout artist who lands KO’s often.
Not only will aggressive fighters score more points during a fight, they are also more likely to get submission or KO victories.
However, they are also riskier fighters for the same reason.
In MMA, guys get caught all the time. Aggressive fighters are more likely prone to making mistakes. Thus making them very valuable yet risky in tournament style contests.
They are still valuable in a 50/50 contests but if you can pick a safer conservative fighter who has a better match up then definitely go with the safer pick.

Pick a Fighter from the Main Event and/or Title Fights 

This one is easy!
Main event and/or Title Fights have two extra rounds for fighters to earn points in. So it’s obvious you should take advantage of this and try and pick the winner.
Even if the fight goes the distance, the winner will still get the small 30 point decision bonus. He/she will also have 5 rounds to accumulate points which will often lead to a score very close to 100.
*NOTE: Because DraftKings doesn’t keep history past 30 days, these scores above are not correct but close to what they actually were.
Ether way, Carlos Condit nearly doubled Lawlers output yet still lost the fight. He proves that picking a high output fighter is always a good idea. 

Avoid Fighters Who Have Had Long Layoffs

Octagon rust is real! Unless your Dominque Cruz or the Korean Zombie…
When it comes to picking smart...
Never pick fighters coming off long layoffs or big injuries.
Unless the fighter simply outclasses the fighter he is going against. Which happens often. The UFC likes to protect it’s stars by giving them lay up fights when coming back from injuries or long layoffs. Definitely take the chance when this happens!
The UFC however, likes to throw stars right back into the mix in hopes of having a huge PPV success! Stay away from these situations if you can. I’m not even saying go with the other fighter. Just stay away in general. It will be tough to tell how the “better” fighter will perform. In my experience it’s best to stay away from the fight all together unless you have some special insight that the public doesn’t know about.
Don’t completely screw up your Draft Kings MMA Strategy by risking a pick on long layoff fights.
They can be unpredictable!
But if you do choose to do so, pay very close attention to the fighters mindset heading into the fight. Only pick him if seems extremely confident.

How To Research A Fighter & Fight Matchup

Being successful on Draft Kings doesn’t always require expertise or extensive research on fighters.
Everyone gets lucky!
Being consistently successful on Draft Kings DOES require expertise and/or extensive research on fighters.
Your first step into becoming good at DraftKings MMA Strategy is simply...
Understand the difference between a single leg and double leg takedown, know what striking distance and octagon control means. Figure out what the term wizard refers too. Know different striking techniques. Fall in love to the chess game that is Ji Jitsu...
If you don’t have a fair grasp of MMA and understand the in’s and outs of the sport than no amount of researching fighters and fight cards will help you win.
You’ll be like someone listening to a conversation in a foreign language without ever studying that language…
You’ll be lost...
I have found some links to guides that can help you get started and down the right path to learning about MMA if you are a total noob.
Learning about MMA is one of the funnest activities on the planet.
"It’s the art of human chess where two people are throwing their bones at each other” - Joe Rogan
Once you have a good grasp of how the sport works you should start reading and using Daily Fantasy MMA websites for their stats, picks and insight to help you build a foundation of knowledge on why “Experts” pick certain fighters over other fighters and so worth.
Experts are never always right but by reading someones fight preview/break down, it will help you get a good sense of fighters, fight match ups and how the fight could go.
This is a great starting point for getting to know a fight card and to start figuring out which direction you might go before you get into the bulk of the research.
What’s the best way to research fighters and fight match ups?
Watching video!
Ask any NFL QB, nothing beats watching game tape for preparing for an opponent.
Same is true when formulating your DraftKings MMA Strategy.
Basically you have two options when it comes to researching fighters.
Free Research - Try to find their past fights on the internet through websites like Youtube, Vimeo and MMA Websites.
Paid Research - Get a UFC Fight Pass Subscription!
Nothing can beat the library of fights that are available to you when you have a UFC Fight Pass subscription.
(Currently at the time of this article was written, UFC Fight Pass subscription is $9.99 a month.)
If you’re serious about becoming good at DraftKings MMA than I highly recommend getting a fight pass subscription. You will be happy you did!
Not only will you have access to practically any fight ever put on by the UFC or any of the brands bought by the UFC like the WEC or Pride, but the shear volume of videos provides endless hours of MMA Fighting entertainment goodness!
If you’re on a budget and just can’t rationalize getting a fight pass subscription, Youtube often has at least a few fights or highlights on fighters even for most of the undercard except for the extremely new fighters.
Sometimes even fight pass might not have any video on a new fighter. In this case, it’s best to stay way from picking the fight unless you can somehow gather some concrete info about the fighter to make a good judgement of how he/she will preform.
The UFC’s Youtube channel has been giving out full free fights for a while now and is an excellent free resource for researching fighters.

Research Weaknesses, Strength’s and Mental State

When researching a fighter here are some of the main attributes that you should be looking for and weather or not they are a strength or a weaknesses of the fighter.
  • Movement
  • Overall Speed
  • Octagon Control
  • Keeping Distance
  • Applying Pressure
  • Punching Speed
  • Punching Power
  • Punching Technique
  • Kicking Speed
  • Kicking Power
  • Kicking Technique
  • Counter Striking
  • Takedown Defense
  • Takedown Offense
  • Clinch Ability
  • Ability to avoid the clinch
  • Clinch Techniques
  • Grinder?
  • Finisher?
  • Ji jitsu Skill level
  • MMA IQ Smart Fighter or Reckless
Now you don’t have to go down this list for every fighter and every fight you research. Once your MMA knowledge grows, you will just see these things instantly when you are watching fight videos.
To simplify things, you’re going to need to assess the fighters strengths and weaknesses and visualize how the fight might play out the majority of the time based on how you view the two fighters and pick based on that.
Is a fighter an amazing striker but he is often taken down and going up against an amazing wrestler with a super high takedown efficiency? Chances are you will want to avoid taking the striker. Does the wrestler have the ability to finish the fight quickly via ground and pound or a submission? If so, then the wrestler would be a good pick. If not and you sense the wrestler fighter will just grind out and hope for a decision. Then you are going to want to avoid this fight example all together.

Use Ea Sports UFC 2 Fighter Ratings

A quick an efficient way to analyze a fighters strengths and weaknesses is to view their in game attribute ratings. Ea Sports does a pretty accurate job of getting the ratings right and will often update the ratings after UFC events depending on how a fighter performed.

While many of the fighters in the UFC are not in the game, this is a quick and easy way to size up a fighter if they are in the game.

If you want to get even more detailed, check out the fighters move list to see what types of techniques he has in his arsenal. 

One last tip I would to share that you can use to help decide whether to pick a fighter or not

Watch the weigh ins!
The weigh in’s and the interviews leading up to a fight for that matter are a great opportunity to check the fighters mental state and body language.
Some people do very well at picking fights from this information alone!
Does a fighter seem over confident? Does a fighters seem scared or negative about his ability to win the upcoming fight? Can you sense an insecurity in a fighter although he is acting like he or she is confident? Does a fighter seem focused and have complete faith and self belief in themselves?
This information can help you with your last minute decisions on your lineup and can potential save you from making the wrong pick or making the right one.
It’s the last bit of information that you might need to figure it all out and put the cherry on top of your DraftKings MMA Strategy and either help you win a truckload of cash or leave you feverishly waiting for the next fight card to get back on the winning side!
It’s this type of analysis that will lead you to understanding what the best route might be in picking a winning DraftKings MMA Strategy.

50/50’s vs Tournaments In Terms Of Earning Cash

There are basically two ways to earn some cash from playing DraftKings.
Keep playing tournaments in hopes to make it into the Top 10 and win big...
Consistently beat half the field and keep doubling up your bankroll by playing 50/50 games.
Personally, I like to do both!
I like to have a few of my most aggressive lineups in some of the big guarantee prize pool tournaments...
I like to have many entries of safe lineups that 75% of the time will win in my 50/50 games.
In doing so, I am slowly building up my bankroll with 50/50 games each fight card while also providing entry money for the chance to add a nice chunk of change at any time from a top 10 tourney finish!

How to build up your bankroll with 50/50 games?

The slow and steady approach is the best approach. The turtle will win this race.
I like to use what I call the 10% rule when it comes to how much of my bankroll I use each week.
As long as my skills at analyzing fights and fight cards breed me a success rate of at least 65% wins my bankroll should continue to increase with the following strategy.
I will only ever use %10 of my bankroll.
Let’s say I start with $20 in my bankroll and only play one  50/50 lineup each fight card. I will only ever use $2 every fight card until I reach $40 (Double of my starting bankroll).
That would take 10 wins and 0 losses to do so. Or 15 wins with 5 losses along the way.
Once I hit $40 I then start to use $4 every fight card until I reach $80 and so on.
Here’s a key, if I lose my money on any fight card, I still bet the same amount on the next fight card.
With this strategy I would have to lose 10 in a row or be consistently winning under 50% of the time to lose my money.
The key to this strategy working is...
  1. Obviously you need to have the skill to pick fights and win at least 60% of the time. Hopefully more like 75%+ so you can build your bankroll quicker.
  2. You give yourself enough of a buffer to withstand losing skids. You have 10 lives to start to hit your next goal. With each win you gain a live and with each loss you lose a live. As long as you're constantly winning, this is more than enough of a buffer to handle the losses that WILL come.
Once you’re bankroll is really high I even recommend continuing to lower the percentage of your bankroll that you use for each fight card.
If you can get to the point where your bringing in $1,000 a fight card. Your money will grow much faster than the time it took to reach that amount.
It’s safer to start using less bankroll to further insure the fact that you will not lose all your money.
Also at this point you might want to start taking out dividends from your bankroll.
Why else would be play if we can’t use the money we win right?
Just make sure the money your consistently taking out is much lower the amount you use otherwise your bankroll will plateau and never grow.
Without getting into too much betting psychology, I think you get the gist of what it might take to constantly win with 50/50 games and slowly build your bankroll without much risk of losing all your money by over betting.
If your smart with your money, you could actually make a full time living off of just playing DraftKings. There are many DraftKings members that do so...

Many lineups or just a few?

I think this depends mostly on the fight card itself.
It basically comes down to how many avenues of picking fighters do I feel has a good shot of winning.
If it’s a very obvious fight card, usually I will pick fewer lineups and only go with a few lineups or just one that I feel really solid about.
If the fight card has a lot of different ways I think it could shake out then I will often pick many lineups to try and cover the risk of the fight card itself. (I hope this makes sense as it’s hard to explain)
This usually occurs when my 4th and 5th slot has many options that I could go with that could all lead me to a win.
Instead of just taking one option where either I could win or lose for the week, I might spread out and pick many options in hopes to capturing 75% percent of the potential %100 that I can take in for that week.
This will take some fiddling around with to know when to pick just a few lineups or many.
NOTE: Once you get a high bankroll you will be forced to play many multi lineups just because the entry fee’s for games might be too low. Know that you can submit the same lineup with the same fighters multiple times.

UFC Fantasy - Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide Conclusion

Well, I just tried to take everything I could think of and put it all together into one Ultimate UFC Fantasy - DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Please comment on this guide your thoughts and if you see anything that can be improved. I will try to continually update this guide with any new insights that I might have or insights that come from the UFC Fantasy & DraftKings MMA community.
If you liked this guide and have never played DraftKings before and are going to sign up, please feel free to use the sign up link below. I’ll get a small commission for you doing so and it will make all the time I spent on this guide worthwhile. Ether way, I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed making it.

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It’s time now to have some fun and DraftKings MMA with all your new found strategy tips. Just remember to play responsibly. Especially if you end up not being good at it. Know when to walk away!
-Brian Burch
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