UFC 211 Picks – DraftKings

UFC 211 Picks - DraftKings

What’s up fight fans! Burchy here with my Underdog, Value & Lock UFC 211 Picks for DraftKings.

UFC 211 takes place in Dallas Texas this weekend and this card could not be any more stacked.

There are so many big fights on this card!

Everything is definitely bigger in Texas!

Before we get into my UFC 211 Picks lets take a quick review of my picks from UFC Fight Night 108…

I landed on my Top Underdog Pick of the card with Brandon Moreno & will probably hit just the same with my Top Underdog Pick this week.

We did miss on the other 3 underdog picks but they did put up a good fight and in my opinion Lauzon got robbed.

All my value and lock picks won however Dodson was a complete dud! He didn’t score nearly enough points in his decision win as he played the typical Greg Jackson Camp strategy of staying on the outside, getting point victories and not getting hit. I will not be picking Dodson in the future if he stays in the bantamweight division as he lacks the size for KO’s and it forces him to go for decision wins.

With that said, lets move on to this week as this card gives us a lot of talented fighters with mid range and low salaries to rack up some points with.

Let’s stop the chit chat and get into it, here are my:

UFC 211 Picks – DraftKings

Underdog Picks 

***Top UFC 211 Underdog Pick ***

Polo Reyes $6,700 – Polo Reyes has been on a tear since joining the UFC. He has 2 KO’s out of 3 fights so far and has flashed talent that might be good enough to be a rising star in the lightweight division. The UFC is giving Reyes his first big test in James Vick who is a Tall lengthy striker with good submission skills. I find it outrageous that DraftKings which seems to create their salaries based off of Vegas betting lines has this fight so lop sided in favor of Vick. Vick has not beaten anyone high caliber and shows many weaknesses still in his game. Yes Reyes has not beaten anyone high caliber yet either but has shown a all around skill set that might up end having him become a rising prospect especially with a win over Vick. In my eyes this is a 50/50 fight and with Reyes salary being so low, you would be a fool to not try and put him in a lineup which would allow you to have 5 other killers. If Reyes wins, and your 5 killers pan out then you have a really good shot at making some money this weekend.


Junior Dos Santos $7,700 – Junior vs Miocic in a 5 round title fight is a 50/50 fight. I would pick multiple lineups alternating these two as your picks. Either someone is going to get KO’ed early or this fight is going to go the distance. Either way you are going to most likely score 100+ points with whoever wins the fight.

Demian Maia $7,800  – One day everyone will stop doubting Demian Maia and he will be the champion of the Middleweight division after he submits everyone! Until then us lucky DraftKing players will get to choose him at such a low salary to complete our lineups. Seriously, how in the hell is Masvidal considered the favorite in this fight. Maia’s striking is only getting better and he has already taken down and submitted better wrestlers than Masvidal. Masvidal definitely has the tools to KO Maia but so did Condit & Brown and they got ran through by the grappling and ji jitsu of Maia. I expect more of the same. Unfortunately Maia will probably still not get his title shot after this fight and will be forced to submit one more top 5 fighter after this before the UFC must SUBMIT to giving him his shot. Pun INTENDED!

Value Picks

Rashad Coulter $7,900 OR Chase Sherman $8,300 – There is not much video on Coulter but we know he is a KO artist that usually finishes in the 1st round. Sherman is also a KO artist who has struggled since joining the UFC with two losses. Sherman takes twice as many hits as he lands so this raises Coulter’s chance for a KO. I am leaning towards the UFC newcomer Coulter pulling out the KO in the 1st but this fight could go either way. I would bet on this fight ending in the 1st by KO by either fighter since these guys both throw heat and are heavy weights. My suggestion is to create at least 4 lineups this week. Pick Dos Santos – Sherman, Dos Santos – Coulter, Miocic – Sherman, & Miocic – Coulter in the 4 different lineups. If you can then pick 4 other fighters that are highly likely to win. You have a really high chance to win as the winner of these two fights should guarantee a minimum of 100 points each.

Chad Skelly $8,200 – High output pressure fighter who gets submission & KO wins? Sign me UP! Skelly has a tough opponent in up and comer Knight but these are the exact fights Skelly thrives in and usually finds the finish. Skelly has only lost to the tough as nails grizzly vet Elkins and the man who Elkins just miraculously won against in the stud Bektic. I except a back and forth fight where Skelly gets a finish or a decision win. Skelly should net no less than 80 points. For 8,200 thats value!

Stipe Miocic $8,500 – See my analysis of JDS and the Coulter – Sherman fight. Miocic and JDS is a 50/50 fight guaranteed to net you a lot of points. Pick Miocic in half of your 4 lineups this weekend and thank me later.

Frankie Edgar $8,600 – Edgar only loses to guys name Henderson, Aldo & once upon a time Gray Maynard. Edgar is not fighting any of these 3 so I’m picking Edgar. Seriously though Rodriguez is an up and coming star who has a shot here but Edgar’s pace, tenacity, movement and wrestling will get him a decision win. On a card where there are a lot of close fights or fights that probably won’t net you many points with the winner. Edgar is hard to pass up. If you have $8,600 left for your last spot, pick him!


Joanna Jedrzejczyk 8,800 – High output for 5 rounds at this salary? You would be a fool not to put JJ in every lineup this weekend. Since becoming the champ she has averaged 121.63 points in her 4 title defenses. Andrade’s only chance at winning this fight is to KO Joanna in the first or second round. I don’t see that happening. If Andrade couldn’t put Hill away in her last fight. There’s no way she puts away the best pound for pound woman’s fighter on the planet. Andrade fights a high pace but has never gone 5 rounds. She will most likely blow all her stamina in the first two rounds and start to fade by the 3rd which will allow Jedzejczyk to rack out points and potentially get a KO of her own from the 3rd round on. Actually with the way Andrade rushes in with little to no head movement and looping hooks, JJ could easily counter her and land a KO in the 1st or 2nd as well. Either way, expect to receive no less than 110 points from the champ! Out of all the UFC 211 Picks, if you pass on JJ at this salary, you should not play DraftKings MMA again…ever!

Gadzhimurad Antigulov $9,400 – I am looking into my crystal ball and I see a 1st round submission coming our way. If you take the Top Underdog Pick in any of your lineups this weekend, this gives you the salary needed to take this lock. 


That wraps up my UFC 211 Picks for DraftKings.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

If you’re new to DraftKings or looking to improve your DraftKings MMA Strategy be sure to check out my UFC Fantasy – Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide

Also let me know what you think of my UFC 211 picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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