Tik Tok Rant

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Tik Tok tries to portray themselves as an App for millennial’s to make creative videos.

But their Ads suggest otherwise!

What’s going on here Tik Tok! 😂⏰😂⏰😂

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My name is Burch, people call me Burchy! Basically I'm a Man of Wit and Wisdom Embarking on Chaotic Journey, Blame it on the Elves! I have a purpose, I shall fulfill this purpose! I make all types of videos: Comedy, Stand Up Comedy, Skits, Parodies, Rants, Fitness, Nutrition, Philosophical Ideas, Self Improvement; Relationship, Attraction and Seduction Tips; and yes even videos about Sex! So go grab a condom! Let's do this! I make my videos to entertain, inspire and enlighten you! Hopefully you can gain some wisdom from me or laugh at my insanity, your choice fuck face ;) Ether way... I'm here for you! Seriously... I AM! So enjoy fukkers, enjoy! Enjoy it like you would enjoy chewing a good piece of meat! With A1 Sauce! O and make sure you.... Stay Epic!