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The Subconscious Mind

I just got done reading an article by a friend Kyle over at Hawaii Healing Adventures in regards to the subconscious mind.

Read the article here: The Subconscious Mind

As someone who is well versed in the workings of the subconscious mind, I found Kyle’s article to be very well written and to the point in explaining how the subconscious mind effects our lives. 

For anyone interested in the topic, I highly recommend reading the article. It’s short and to the point and is a great intro to grasp the concept of the workings of the subconscious mind without getting into too much detail while still alluding to it’s great power.

I would like to expand on one of his main points:

The Subconscious Mind is the Creator of All Things

Kyle describes the workings of the subconscious mind by using an analogy of planting seeds. Every thought whether positive or negative plants a seed or a stream of thinking if you will into your mind.

For instance, if something bad happens in your day just for a moment or so and you react out of frustration or anger and think or say with emotion that “I hate my life!”, you might not actually truly mean that but for your subconscious mind you just planted a seed of negativity.

It may seem harmless on the surface because once that moment passes, you may very well feel content or even happy again. However, if you take a step back and look at what you just did, you’ll start to see how massive that little moment just became.

By saying “I hate my life!” towards such a trivial moment that doesn’t have much impact on your life at all like if a bird happens to take a dump right on your new hat, you just gave a short frustrating much more weight and impact than it deserves.

What happened is you just set the bar pretty low for what will cause you to think and feel that you hate your life.

Because we are habitual creatures, once that seed is planted and you continue to water it a couple of times with similar small negative moments that you make out to be larger than it is, all of a sudden you just gave birth to a big negative gross hideous thorn bush of a flower.

For shits and giggles lets say this thorn bush just so happens to be wearing a bikers jacket with a skull on it just to personify the bush a little bit bhahahaha.

Now you have built a habit of complaining and turning small moments of trivial BS that happens in your life into exaggerated feelings of hating your life and yourself.

You slowly become less and less happy and more and more  negative thoughts increase in your mind until one day, you’re that crazy old person who walks into an AT&T store with nothing but complaints and hopeless thoughts that you can’t help but to vomit profusely onto a positive hansom young stud who just so happens to be writing this article ;). 

All because you planted a seed 20 years ago when that seagull took a crap on your cap! Haha

But don’t worry about the young hansom stud AT&T Salesman who is also a Comedian and Blogger in his free time. He has studied the ways of the subconscious mind and has learned to be like water and go into a zen like state when said viscous negative trolls come walking into his place of employment trying to transfer that bird crap of a cap into his life.

He knows how paramount keeping negative thoughts and energy at bay with allow peace and serenity to come play. Bhahaha Burch your a Dork! (Yes I just called myself a dork! Humorously)

Humor is the only time one should indulge with negative thoughts. As negative thoughts are the base of the recipe, although humor is negative thoughts cloaked or to continue with the recipe analogy SPRINKLED with positivity to bring LIGHT out from the DARK. It’s true mental wizardry indeed!

Ok, so why is ONE negative thought or emotion so important as to cause you to spiral into being such a wretched human being? How come the subconsious mind is so powerful? Why is it so important to recognize one negative thought or emotion and to nip it in the bud by replacing it with a positive thought or making light of it with humor?


As animals with Ego’s, we like to think that every thought that has ever been produced from our head was actively controlled in the moment by ourselves and edited and gone through an inspection before being released into the ether.

Well it just doesn’t work like that. We are designed to have split second reactions. To think quickly in pressure filled or uncontrollable moment the same as we move our body to avoid danger.

It’s in these moments where our instincts take over and our conscious mind and thoughts go by the way side. Our emotions kick in. So does our subconscious mind as well.

This pool of every thought you have ever had. The more recent, the more powerful. The longer watered the more powerful.

When we are not focused with our conscious minds, our subconscious minds start to think for us. It takes over the wheel and goes down the same negative or positive streets its accustom too according to its GPS.

This is why one harmless negative thought can turn into another and another until your whole being is generally negative.

So you might be wondering, with so many things in a day that can annoy us, how do the happy positive people do it?

The answer is quite simple actually. They actively monitor their thoughts more than a negative person does.

Negativity basically breaks down to mental laziness. Positive people are just paying attention to their thoughts more often.

Every time a positive person has a negative thought. He/she will recognize it and ether laugh at how silly thinking that way is (Humor) or replace it with a positive affirmation.

As someone who has been depressed as a teenager and completely overwhelmed with negative thoughts, I have used these tools to become a positive happy person.

You have to make it your main focus for a while. It’s a skill every human should develop that the majority of us do not. You have to take it day by day and remained focused on replacing any negative thought with a positive one.

Then one day magically you will just start to have more positive thoughts than negative ones and your well on your way to being awesome haha!

Be warned, even if you become general happy. It’s super easy to slip up and go down to negativity town for a drink every once in a while. But if you did it like I did, focusing on your thoughts will have become an acquired skill or habit if you will which has allowed you to become a mental ninja.

Slicing away negativity whenever you need to.

You might even become so good that you’ll become like water or even a ghost to negativity and let it pass right through you unaffected. This is when negative people can’t even touch you with there energy because you’re on an untouchable frequency of positivity.

Here’s some other great resources to indulge even further:

The Conscious, Subconscious, And Unconscious Mind – How Does It All Work?


Don’t be mentally lazy! Be mentally active!

-Brian Burch

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