Reaction to Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers and Life Extension Technologies

Read the article here: Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers and Life Extension Technologies

It sounds crazy, but everything in this article is possible.

This article lines up with another documentary I watched called The Venus Project.

I used to think their was limitations on the following statement/quote “If the mind can envision it, it can become reality.”

I no longer think their are ANY limitations.

I say this from the technologies that we already have that just 50 years ago would of thought to be insane talk.

Technologies like creating a human organ with stem cells without a host other then using a scaffold to help mold the organ. Here’s a video on this subject.

Then there are hologram technologies such as Microsoft’s Hololens that is coming out very shortly that will totally transform our idea of what a computer is and how we interact with one and how it interacts with our reality aka environment.

And then theirs the fact that major companies like Amazon, a company i used to work for is now creating warehouses where almost all tasks are being completed by machines or robots.

Which brings me back to mentioning The Venus Project which promotes our capitalist economy will no longer be able to function if all mundane tasks will be completed by robots. We will be forced to change to a resource based economy.

I guess i’ll wrap this up by saying it’s an amazing time to be alive and the evolution of the human race and reality as we know it is gunna get pretttty trippy really soon. But it will never get as trippy as eating some psychedelic mushrooms or DMT.

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