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If you don’t, I will send my army of lil elves to your house to remind you. How will they find you if they don’t know where you live, you say? Dude… they’re elves… they just know!

O and don’t be a dick and not confirm just to see if elves will show up! Obviously they will not!

Or will they?

Anyways, if for whatever reason after a few minutes you have not received a confirmation email with a link in it for you to click, then check your junk/spam folder and you might find it in there.

While you are at it, you can whitelist my newsletter email to ensure you will receive all my emails in the future and never have to worry about my wonderful emails ever getting misplaced into your junk/spam folder. Because that’s just rude!

Here is a tutorial on how to do so made by Aweber for all the major email providers.

I don’t use Aweber, but their tutorial kicks ass!