DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks

DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks

What’s up UFC fight fans! Burchy here with my Underdog, Value, Lock & the New Risky DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks.

UFC Fight Night 111 takes place in Signapore this weekend. For us western World people that means the fights are going to be on at a super weird time early saturday morning. Prelims start at 4:45am Eastern Standard Time. So either pull an all night or go to be super early and wake up super early lol.

Lets get into this weeks DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks.

DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks

Underdog Picks 

I must point out that there is not one clear underdog that I’ll be picking that I am completely sold on like I was last week with Pichel. So instead I will be giving you 3 choices that I think have the best shot to win. With how the salaries played out for this weekend, you will most likely have to choose 2 of the 3 I mentioned unless you think one of the lower tiered salary fighters will pull off an upset. The only one that I think has a shot in doing so other than the 3 that I will mention is Carls John de Tomas at $7,300 over Inoue since they are both pretty unknown fighters with undefeated records.

Andrei Arlovski $7,500 – Arlovski is on a 4 fight losing streak but all of his losses were to the elite of the division. Tybura is an excellent striker but he isn’t as explosive as Miocic, Overeem or Ngannou. As long as Arlovski’s chin holds up, he has a good shot to win this one and could even get his own KO win over Tybura is he connects. 

***Top DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Underdog Pick *** 

Russell Doane $7,600 – Doane’s opponent Kwak was taken down 11 times in his UFC debut and the only lose of his career. Doane is not of the same caliber of wrestler as Brett Johns but Johns showed the recipe for beating Kwak. If Doane can replicate some of Johns success of getting Kwak to the mat he could pull out a win. If he cannot then Kwak is likely to light Doane up on the feet.


Dong Hyun Kim $7,700 – Kim should be better then Convington on the feet and more creative with the angles he attacks with but when it comes to grappling, Convington will probably take Kim down. Convington is a takedown machine and Kim has been put to the mat before even though he is an elite Judo practitioner. If Kim can limit the amount of time he spends on his back or get up quickly when Convington gets him to the ground, he might be able to pull out a close win. Especially if he can land some trips on his own and get some top time to steal rounds.


Value Picks

Lucie Pudilova $8,200 – I personally thought Pudilova should have won her UFC debut vs Lansberg. Pudilova is a high output fighter who racks up a lot of strikes. She scored 50 points in her UFC Debut loss with 99 significant strikes. Even with a decision win which I think she will achieve she should give at least 75 points. Her opponent is relatively inexperienced and Pudilova should be able to exploit her weaknesses.

Pudilova has the highest chance of winning out of anyone in the $8,000 to $8,900 range and thus she is my only value pick this week. However if your looking for more value picks then look no further than the fights of my underdog picks. Tybura, Convington & Kwak provide good value if they are to win. This week I decided to play a bunch of $4 tournament lineups swapping in and out the fighters of these matchups.


Jon Tuck $8,800 – Usually anyone in the $8,000 to $8,900 range will fall into my value section but Tuck’s matchup is just too good not to put him in the lock section this week. Gomi is a shell of the fighter he once was. I expect Tuck to dominate this fight.

Holly Holm $9,600 – Well shes the highest salary fighter and the headliner for this card despite her 3 fight losing streak. Holm should have this fight with ease as she keeps the range and peppers an over aggressive low IQ fighter in Correia. The only problem is I don’t think Holm will rack up enough points or get a KO finish to warrant the salary. She should get at least 80 points in the win but at this salary you would hope to get points in the 120 range to win a tournament.

Risky Picks

Walt Harris 9,200 – Harris is the bigger more physical fighter going up against Asker. I am just not as sold on Harris winning this fight  like everyone else seems to be. Asker is a bit crafty and could pose many problems for Harris. If Harris wins it will probably be by KO but Asker could also KO Harris or pull out a decision win. I chose to stay away from this fight all together this week. I could totally be wrong though.

Justin Scroggins $9,300 – Scroggins should be in the lock section with how talented he is and would be if it were not for one glaring weakness Scroggins has shown in his past fights. Scroggins has dominated in fights then all of a sudden will get caught in a submission. His opponent Sasaki has a very good submission game. If Scroggins hasn’t learned from his past mistakes, history could vary well repeat itself.


That wraps up my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

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Also let me know what you think of my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 111 Picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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