DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks

DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks

What’s up UFC fight fans! Burchy here with my Underdog, Value, Lock & the New Risky DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks.

UFC Fight Night 110 takes place in Auckland, New Zealand this weekend.


Lets get into this weeks DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks.

DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks

Underdog Picks 

***Top DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Underdog Pick *** 

Vinc Pichel $7,800 – Damien Brown is favored in this fight but I don’t understand why. Here’s all I needed to know to make this pick. So far in Pichel’s UFC career he has averaged 7 takedowns a fight. Brown has a defended only 35.5% of takedowns. Pichel has a slight reach advantage and lands more punches per minute. He also has a better record at 9-1 vs 17-9


Value Picks

Mark Hunt & Derrick Lewis $8,000 & $8,200 – I love when DraftKings makes the main event/title fight dead even for the fighter salaries. If you’re a past reader of my picks then you know what I am about to say. For all your lineups, create two versions, one with each fighter & you can not go wrong. 5 round fights almost guarantee that the winner will score 80 or more points and at this salary its a no brainer. One of these two will probably land a 1st or 2nd round KO. If not then they will be super sloppy for the final 3 rounds but I doubt either will be able to last that long. If it goes into the later rounds, someone will get finished due to exhaustion. 

Tim Elliott $8,700 – In his last fight, Elliott scored 175.5 points in a decision win. Let that sink in for a minute. Elliott landed 57 significant strikes, 12 takedowns, 3 reversals and 14 advances. Are you kidding me? Granted Elliott was going against the second most scrambling type fighter in the division other than himself in Smolka but come on! Elliott is a no Brainer pick and if I didn’t need someone else to fill out the value picks section, he would be a Lock pick. Oh did I mention he gave Mighty Mouse all he could handle in their title fight not too long ago? Oh and by the way Nguyen lost to Smolka by KO, the guy who Elliott scored 175.5 points against.


Derek Brunson $9,000 – Dan Kelly got knocked out by Sam Alvey in the 1st round. Brunson knocked out Sam Alvey in the 1st round. Need I say more? The talent level disparity in this fight is night and day. Brunson is an elite athlete who can KO anyone in the division. He is on a two fight losing streak but his losses are to Whittaker who I think is the future champ, and a close decision lost to the best Middleweight of all time Anderson Silva. Kelly athletically is basically an above average version of an active dad. His fight IQ and technical ability however is through the roof. If Brunson doesn’t put him away in the 1st or 2nd, this could get interesting but I doubt Kelly will be able to withstand the explosion Brunson will bring.

Alexander Volkanovski $9,300 – Hirota has only beat Cole Miller in the UFC. He has 4 losses, 1 draw and 1 win. Volkanovski is 14-1 and completely dominated his opponent in his first fight in the UFC. I’m sold, Volk gets the win.

Risky Picks

Zak Ottow 9,100 – This is a much closer fight than the salary disparity suggests. Ottow doesn’t go for many if any takedowns while Kunimoto does. That literally might be the difference in this fight. Kunimoto has a good shot at grinding out a close decision in this one. Be wary of picking Ottow.

That wraps up my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

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Also let me know what you think of my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 110 Picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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