DraftKings UFC 212 Picks

DraftKings UFC 212 Picks

What’s up UFC fight fans! Burchy here with my Underdog, Value, Lock & the New Risky DraftKings UFC 212 Picks.

UFC 212 takes place in Rio de Janeiro Brazil this weekend.

From this week forward  I am going to switch up how I pick fighters for this article. Since I started this I felt the need to put at least 2 fighters in each category. This made me pick fighters that I wasn’t completely sold on. From now on I will be picking less fighters and only fighters I feel completely solid about. I want to give you guys fighters that will help you win with your lineups.

With that said DraftKings kind of forces you to pick fighters that you are not so sure about due to salary restricts but for my picks I want to give you guys fighters you can hang your hat on. That’s not to say that I won’t sometimes still pick fighters that lose. That’s just how it goes when picking fights.

Also I am creating a new section called risky fighters. These are fighters that most people think will win their fight but after analyzing the matchup, I have found a glaring weakness that could cause them to lose. This section is not intended to keep you from picking said fighters. But to think twice about the risk of picking them hence the name risky picks. 

With that said, lets move on to this week DraftKings UFC 212 Picks.

DraftKings UFC 212 Picks

Underdog Picks 

***Top DraftKings UFC 212 Underdog Pick *** 

Marco Beltran $7,700 – Beltran is taking on a UFC newcomer who is undefeated in Figueiredo. While Figueiredo is an agressive striker with power, I’m picking Beltran because he is more technical and Figueiredo defense is non existence. Beltran’s chin should be able to hold up against the power shots from Figueiredo while he picks him apart and searches for the finish.


Out of all the fighters, the fighter above is the only underdog I am comfortable with. However the following are decent choices as well. Spicely, Assuncao, Eduardo. Bamgbose is worth a risk to land a KO with his low salary as well.


Value Picks

Jose Aldo & Max Holloway $8,100 – I love when DraftKings makes the main event/title fight dead even for the fighter salaries. If you’re a past reader of my picks then you know what I am about to say. For all your lineups, create two versions, one with each fighter & you can not go wrong. 5 round fights almost guarantee that the winner will score 80 or more points and at this salary its a no brainer.

Erick Silva $8,000 & Yancy Medeiros $8,200 – Go ahead and do the same thing with these two. Both these guys absorb more punches than they land. This mean there is a good chance they KO each other. Also both guys are good at submissions. This fight has a high chance for a finish.


Claudia Gadelha $9,000 – If title fights were only 3 rounds then Gadelha would currently be the women’s straw-weight champ. Gadelha is probably the best 3 round fighter in the division. Her only weakness is her gas tank and luckily for her this is a 3 round fight. She has the best takedowns in the division. She gave the champ fits for the first two rounds of their title fight. She took the champ down 4 times in the first three rounds. Unless Kowalkiewicz suddenly has become better at takedown defense then JJ, I don’t see how she wins this fight. Gadelha has power in her punches and actually out struck the champ in the first two rounds. She should be able to do the same against Kowalkiewicz who is a slightly lesser striker than the champ and remain the # 1 contender.

Paulo Borrachinha $9,200 – This dude is a beast! He puts on the pressure in a very calculated way. Takes away the escape angle and unloads on his opponent. He is going against a dangerous striker in Bamgbose but the only way Bamgbose wins this one is if he catches him with a counter shot early. Borrachinha will certainly be the aggressor as Bamgbose always gives the center of the octagon to his opponent. I see Paulo landing a KO in round 1 on his feet or by taking Bamgbose down and unloading some nasty ground and pound.

Risky Picks

Vitor Belfort $8,400 – It’s Belfort’s farewell fight before he retires and this is his easiest matchup he has had in maybe a decade. There’s just one big problem. Vitor has looked horrible as of late ever since he had to stop taking TRT. This is a fight of two fighters who both have the exact opposite weaknesses and strengths. Vitor SHOULD KO Marquardt but if he doesn’t Marquardt should be able to take Vitor down as everyone seems to be able too. Either Vitor wins by KO or Marquardt grinds out a decision. For the price of $8,400 for Vitor, their are some better options if your looking for a KO. But don’t let me stop you from picking him. I see him getting the KO.

Iuri Alcantara 9,100 – By all means Alcantara should win this fight! He is the more talented fighter as his salary suggests. However for the price he comes with a lot of risk. He is susceptible to being taken down and he is going against a fighter who is a strong wrestler and grappler. I see Alcantara winning by submission however Kelleher might grind Alcantar out for a decision win if he can avoid the submission. This is not a good stylistic matchup for Alcantara though he should still pull off the win.

That wraps up my DraftKings UFC 212 Picks.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

(NOTE: Are you new to DraftKings MMA or looking to improve your DraftKings MMA Strategy? Check out my UFC Fantasy – Ultimate DraftKings MMA Strategy Guide. Learn more here. Just need a quick review of the rules and scoring system? Click here


Also let me know what you think of my DraftKings UFC 212 Picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

-Brian Burch

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